Welcome !!

Hello! Welcome to my site, I am so glad you are here! Take a look at my blog for my most recent posts about the world around me and also the About page to learn more about me personally. Feel free to reach out and connect with any questions!

All About Me

I am a Digital Media Production and Advertising major. I also have a Business Studies minor and a Leadership Concentration. When it comes to future jobs, I am looking for jobs in the journalism field, like news media and video production. I am open to things in advertising and other journalism fields as well. Read more about me, my personal and school life. In addition, learn about my interests, passions, and how I got into the world of journalism here.


Resume and Portfolio

Known for being very organized with a stronghold in communications, human relations, and management. With a creative nature, project ideas and strategies come naturally. Able to work and think outside the box to work around problems and challenges. Proven to stay calm under pressure and deadlines. A passion for storytelling and driven by creative environments- fast-paced, dynamic and innovative. Read more from my resume here.

My portfolio is different from my resume because it gives a more personal touch and detail to each project I have been a part of and what I learned from each one. You can read more from my resume here.