My portfolio provides a more personal touch and detail to all projects I have been a part of and what I learned from each one. My projects include things from my coursework at Drake and in VANTAGE, along with individual projects.

Skills and Abilities

  1. Exceptional Organizational Skills
  2. Strategic Communication
  3. Leading and Management
  4. Creative Nature
  5. Human Relations
  6. Professionalism
  7. Proficient in Premiere Pro, InDesign, and Audition
  8. Easy learner in Microsoft and Adobe

State Fair Winner: Jon Schindel

This was one of my favorite projects to work on because it was about my family. One super unique thing about my family is that my dad makes pickles and he has won first place at the Minnesota State Fair in 2018. Not only was it fun to produce and film, but I also learned a little about my great grandparents and how my dad got into making pickles. I decided to include a blooper reel at the end because my family has very fun and goofy vibes and I thought it really showed that. I learned a lot from this project but most importantly how to interview and also how to stay professional in a setting that isn’t necessarily professional.

Reporting and Writing Article Portfolio

My Announcement for My Drake University Commitment Photos

One course that I have taken at Drake University is a reporting and writing course. In this class, I wrote news stories that would be published in a newspaper. For some articles, they were used in the Times Delphic, the award-winning, student-run newspaper at Drake. I have included some of my work below. In this course, I continued to develop my organization skills when planning interviews and doing research. With interviews, I also developed my human relations skills. Before this course, it was really hard to reach out to people I didn’t know but I have now gotten used to that to get the best interviewee possible.

Michael and Joanna’s Wedding

This project was very different from anything I had done up until this point. I got to be more creative and have a less journalistic style which was a nice change. I was a part of a team to film Joanna and Michael’s wedding. Joanna is the daughter of one of my high school teachers.

Maui, Hawaii in Photo Portfolio

I have to give Hawaii some credit because I wouldn’t be able to take such amazing photos if it wasn’t for the pure beauty of Hawaii. I didn’t have to do much except point the camera and shoot. All these photos were taken on my Lumix DMC-G85 Digital Camera. I didn’t learn anything specifically in the field of journalism but I did get some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities which were amazing.