My Bullet Journal and a *Somewhat* Organized Life

When I was in high school on the student newspaper, Minnetonka Breezes, one of my writers wrote about bullet journals and how they changed her world. I obviously read over the article about 20 times for editing and layout purposes but I was inspired. 

What is it?

A bullet journal refers to the bullet point system of taking notes and making to do lists. What makes a bullet journal a bullet journal is the creativity that goes into those lists. It is essentially a personal planner that you create. 

I always struggled with the basic planners from target because they never had the perfect set up or there wasn’t enough space. I always wanted really specific pages and enough room for all my assignments and events.

My Bullet Journal

When I started, I got this massive notebook and a very detailed and exhausting layout. As I figured out what I liked, it became easier and more personal. I have improved my bullet journal since starting in 2019 as I learned what I wanted and what I was capable of.

Yearly Layout and Pages

For my 2020 layout, I included an index and a yearly calendar along with a holiday and birthdays tracker. I also have a ‘year in pixels’ page which is a great way for me to tracker my daily moods and see mental health trends in my own personal life.

Semester, Monthly, and Weekly Layout

At the start of a semester, I include my class schedule and course details. I start each month with a monthly calendar. On each weekly spread, I have a to-do list, a notes/events section, and a smaller calendar of the month. The main part of the page is a big section for my daily stuff, like homework and school-related things.

What I love the most about having a bullet journal is the creativity behind it. I love using highlighters, colorful pens, washi tape, and stickers in my bullet journal. I am not good at drawing so if I do add little drawings into my bullet journal, they are really basic, but I like to stick with stickers usually (haha get it?). 

Using a bullet journal leaves me time to do something I love; organizing. It’s also creative which is a really great outlet for me personally. I’ll always have 10-15 minutes during the week to work on a weekly layout and it can be a nice break from my daily stress. 

There are some really great resources to help you get started. My biggest advice is to not start off with a complicated design. Start small and build yourself up to more complicated things once you know what you like. Finally, have fun with it, it is supposed to be personal and make you feel organized so you don’t have to follow anyone’s ideas if you don’t want to. 

Supplies and My Favorites

  1. For inspiration – Pinterest
  2. Washi Tape – The Planner Supplies on Etsy
  3. Stickers – Scandi Attic Stationary on Etsy
  4. Dotted Bullet Journal – Amazon
  5. Highlighters – Midliner High Lighters

I also recommend getting a none slip ruler, pens that won’t bleed through your page and colorful and black pens. The dotted notebook is important to make even vertical and horizontal lines. In the end, it is all about you so do whatever makes you happiest. Happy journaling!

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