My Journey to Drake University

My journey to Drake University was a long and winding road. I am so happy that I am here and I could not have picked a better school.

Drake University Commitment Photo

When I started my junior year, people started asking” So have you started looking at colleges yet?” I was so annoyed by that question because I would hear it constantly. I decided that next time I’m surrounded by my extended family, I better have an answer to that. 

When I started looking at colleges, I knew I wanted to do something in the journalism and communications fields. Choosing a college with a good journalism school was essential. It also really helped narrow my search down. I also knew where I didn’t want to be, specifically the south. I am a true Minnesotan and while I complain about the early snow in October and the never-ending winter in April, I love the snow and I knew I could never go without it.

My mom’s best friend went to Drake and was also in the School of Journalism and Communications. She was in a sorority and loved her time at Drake. Her college career was similar to what I wanted in a college and she convinced me to apply. I heard back from Drake first and they also gave me a decent scholarship. My parents were pushing me to start touring more schools during my senior year of high school. I hadn’t heard from any other schools so off to Drake we went. 

The Tour

I really don’t remember much from the tour. We had to wake up at 6 am to get to Des Moines by my 11 am tour. I was exhausted and it was freezing and windy, a classic Iowa combo. It should have been miserable and I should have just hated it. However, the one thing I remember was despite the cold and wind, my tour guide was still cheerful, and people were still friendly even when outside. I loved every minute of that tour. Before touring Drake, I thought I knew what school I wanted, and when I got in the car to go home, I thought to myself “well crap.” That love I had on the tour really stuck with me as I toured other schools. 

I looked at two in Chicago. At both of them, it was again cold, but everyone kept their heads down and my tour guide clearly wanted to be anywhere but there. I looked at schools in Colorado, and it was much warmer there and people were nicer, but I hated having to take a flight to get home. I loved the easy 3 and a half hours that it took to get from Minneapolis to Des Moines. Every school I went to just didn’t compare to Des Moines and the feeling I had at Drake.

On a random Thursday night in February, I sat my family down at the dinner table and told them I wanted to go to Drake. I signed my admission acceptance form that night and I haven’t regretted it once.

Since I Started At Drake

I’ve joined a sorority, pick two majors, a minor and a concentration and I have been a part of the Drake Magazine as their assistant online editor. I’ve spent countless hours in Starbucks and met some pretty amazing people.

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